security tuesday bulletin: july 27, 2011

Sorry this one was a day late. Had a backlog to deal with. Yes, I realize the 27th is a Wednesday.

  • It’s so funny that we won’t use security if security is inconvenient. This article talks about speed and security. Does it have to be a tradeoff?
  • I cannot improve on the title of this article: How Attackers Use Search Engines and How You Can Fight Back
  • This is an example of things to think about with the implementation of new technology. IPv6, for instance:
  • Security is always an issue of both software AND hardware. For example, Apple’s batteries.
  • Password Tips. There are so many. As long as it’s secure, do what you like.
  • This is a great exercise to think through. What would you do in this scenario?
  • The US DoD recommends a “truly secure” OS. Since it apparently can’t be changed (it runs off CD and executes within RAM). Give it a look. Not entirely convinced.
  • LulzSec/Anonymous Corner:
    Who have they hit this time? The Sun and NATO. We need to recognize that this is not new news – it has been happening all the while. It’s only that the media is taking notice. Here’s a little note they wrote to the FBI.

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