on sleep

Ever since i first read the book Sleep Thieves, i had been interested in doing some sort of sleep tracking for myself. I researched sleep cycles and even polyphasic sleeping patterns (which is probably more of an excuse to stay up late, for me). I don’t think i’m disciplined enough to stick to those 20-minute nap plans, so it’ll probably look like 7 hours and a nap for me.

Recently, i stumbled across a couple of apps that help me track my sleep:

  • Sleep On It (free, sends your sleep data) – maintains a bar graph of how long i’ve slept, and averages weekends vs weeknights. (Seems like i can’t get to bed before midnight.)
  • Sleep Cycle ($0.99, HT: Drew, Joel) – has nice ambient alarm sounds and claims to judge the quality of your sleep based on the accelerometer built into the device. Not sure how much i buy it, but the graphs it’s generated so far are pretty neat.

Also, sleepyti.me has been a great way to determine bed/wake times.

One Response to on sleep

  1. I rarely give much thought to my sleep; I usually just aim for eight hours. That last link seems pretty interesting, though. I might have to give it a try.

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